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Chevra Kadisha

The role of the Chevra Kadisha ("Holy Society") is to show honor to the dead by preparing the body for burial according to Jewish custom. There are separate coordinators for men and women. Those who wish to involve the Chevrah Kadisha should indicate this to Rabbi Tom Gutherz or to the Funeral Director when making funeral arrangements.

CBI has a functioning Chevra Kadisha, a Jewish Burial Society, a committee of volunteers who have trained themselves in the ways of Jewish traditional preparation for burial. Not all families choose to utilize the services of the Chevra Kadisha, but many take comfort in following time honored traditions at life's endpoint. 

For more information about Jewish burial or the Chevrah Kadisha, contact Contact Dan Doernberg (men) or Elayne Phillips (women)

Giving to CBI

Giving to CBI

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