Open Hearts. Open Minds. Strong Values.


Our values are founded on an ancient and enduring covenant which provides a foundation for our actions and directs our behaviors:

Worship (T’filah): We encourage a worship environment that fosters spiritual growth and inclusiveness, and promotes active congregational leadership and participation;

Culture (Massoret V’moreshet): We are a nucleus for the local Jewish community: a welcoming, supportive, vibrant community that respects our heritage and provides a home for a diverse membership;

Lifelong Learning (M’dor L’dor): As a key part of our heritage and as an investment in the future of Judaism, we support interactive, collaborative learning for people of all ages in a variety of settings and across a broad range of topics;

Repair of the World (Tikkun Olam): We promote activist participation and leadership in local and regional social justice intiatives and charity (tzedakah);

Gladness and Joy (Simcha): We worship, gather, and celebrate together in an environment infused with happiness;

Caring and Kindness (Gmilut Chasadim): We are a community devoted to mutual support and compassion through all stages of life;

Commitment to Israel (Kesher L’Yisrael): We provide support for and education regarding the state of Israel.

Giving to CBI

Giving to CBI

“The work of righteousness shall be peace, and the fruits of tzedakah quietness and confidence.” – Isaiah 32:17